Anza Borrego Wildflowers – A Sight to See

Anza Borrego Wildflowers – A Sight to See

If you live in San Diego, you know that the Anza Borrego wildflowers don’t bloom very often, but when they do, it’s a sight to behold. This year’s bloom isn’t being called a super bloom, but you might think otherwise if you take a hike in Palm Canyon right now. To us, it looked every bit as good as the year of the super bloom, but with the added bonus of a raging river flowing out of the mountains. It was nothing short of spectacular! 


If you’re thinking about venturing out to the desert to see the Anza Borrego wildflowers yourself, be sure and monitor the Desert USA website, which reports on the Anza Borrego wildflower bloom. The day I went, it was rated 8+. Their reports have always been very accurate and updated multiple times per week during the spring. With any hot weather or high winds, the quality of the desert bloom can dramatically change in just a few days.

The poppies are poppin' around Lake Hodges

The Anza Borrego wildflowers might be best-in-show, but closer to home, I found the slopes around the Lake Hodges dam carpeted with California Poppies. Unfortunately, they were high up on a steep, rather inaccessible slope. I settled for a lens change to get a closer shot from the roadside.

Aside from the wildflowers, the amount of green on the hills and on the trails is something anyone living in Southern California can truly appreciate. Unlike many other parts of the country where this is the norm, it’s unusual here, and temporary. These same areas below, while still beautiful, will be mostly dry and brown in a matter of weeks.

The Anza Borrego wildflowers aren't the only highlight. California Poppies have carpeted the slopes around the Lake Hodges dam.

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  1. It’s beautiful. It makes me appreciate our hometown here in Edmonds where we have this type of beauty year round due to the amount of rain we get throughout the year. It would also be nice to have the warm climate that you are blessed with.
    Thanks for making us smile, Tom and Gail

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