A Tour of Carlsbad Murals

A Tour of Carlsbad Murals

When you’re in Carlsbad Village, it’s hard not to notice the many great murals along the streets and alleys of this pleasant beach town. For a long time, I’ve told my wife “One of these days, I’m going to photograph all of the Carlsbad murals around the village.” Well, yesterday we did just that – hopped on our RadRovers, and enjoyed a meandering ride throughout the village, seeing all of the murals we knew of and many more than we expected.

Perhaps one of the most photorealistic murals in Carlsbad

Above: The mural covering the side of The Foundry Artist Studio is perhaps one of the largest, and most photorealistic of the bunch.

I’m not sure I found all of murals in the area, but certainly most of them. Our ride covered the area of Carlsbad Village between the freeway and the beach. We found 27 murals, although one is largely comprised of a sticker and another is a mural-worthy door. You can easily see them all on foot or by bike, and it’s a great way to explore downtown Carlsbad and appreciate the talented artists we have decorating our awesome little village.

At each mural we found, I snapped a picture with my phone, to capture the GPS coordinates of the mural, and then used my Canon R6 with a wide angle lens to try and do the mural justice. 

The red pins on the map are the locations of the murals I photographed and you can use this “Carlsbad Mural map” I created in Google to explore them on your own, which I highly recommend. Click here to view the live mural map list on Google

* Red pins indicate each mural location photographed.

Without further ado, The Carlsbad Village Murals!

This last mural in the set deserves some extra attention, since the photo of the entire mural doesn’t adequately showcase each of those cool little scenes, so here they are individually. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little tour of Carlsbad murals. If you’re able, get out and see them for yourself!

6 thoughts on “A Tour of Carlsbad Murals”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your great photos w us. I’m sending to my friends in Utah to educate them on my/our city for when they visit this summer. TY TY TY!!!

  2. Jenena Blackburn

    Love all of this our beautiful city full of artists including yourself. We are blessed to live here.

  3. Thankyou, Steve
    They are really unique. Totally unlike something we see up in our state of Washington.
    Tom and Gail

  4. Melissa Pickett

    Steve love that you and Susan made the day to take these. I enjoy the pictures as much as when looking at them I get to imagine the two of you out enjoying the coast and seeing the amazing work!

    Love that I’ve seen a few of these already. Definitely will pay attention on the next visit!
    Love to you both!

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