An Eventful Afternoon at Windansea Beach

An Eventful Afternoon at Windansea Beach

I showed up at Windansea Beach on a gorgeous day during a week of perfect weather and big surf. My plan was to capture some coastal landscapes and work on daytime long exposures. This part of the day all went as expected and I am very pleased with the results.

But then...

In the distance, I spotted a flurry of activity: pelicans – hundreds of ’em

I quickly stowed my gear and set off along the shore at a pace that would make Richard Simmons proud. It didn’t take long before the scene unfolded before me: the pelicans were indulging in a grand feast on what must have been a huge school of fish in the shallows. The spectacle was mesmerizing, and I couldn’t resist putting myself right into the heart of it, excited to capture the action. 

In the middle of all that chaos, I grappled with where to direct my lens, but I captured some shots that convey the energy and sheer abundance of the gathering. Surrounded by such a whirlwind of pelicans, it’s amazing that I avoided any pelican “bombs”! Never before had I witnessed such a spectacle – certainly not in those numbers, and with only a handful of others around. It was an unforgettable experience!

A Pelican watches me closely at Windansea Beach

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  1. Steve, lucky you!!! And lucky us for you capturing this amazing squadron!!! Just fabulous🌈
    *They need a pelican emoji!

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