Candid Photography & Those Fleeting Moments

Candid Photography & Those Fleeting Moments

Unposed and Unplanned Candid Photos Reveal Truth and Authenticity

When it comes to photographing people, I love candids most. There is often a unique element or feel in candid captures that doesn't easily happen any other way. 

With strangers, I think it’s mostly about staying unnoticed as you take your pictures. But with people you know, sometimes it takes awhile before you can float around and snap pictures without catching their attention. My friends and family would tell you that I take so many pictures around them that it’s easy to ignore me. It seems I’ve worn them down into photographic submission! It might sound funny, but when you get to that point, great candids can and do happen.

And then there are happy accidents, such as the last photo in this grid. 
Selfies are easy with a phone, but I was attempting one with a full size DSLR while my dog sat in my lap. Not an easy feat!

Using the 2 second delay on my shutter, I tried several without any success, but on one attempt (this photo), I actually dropped the camera. As I was fumbling for the camera with one hand during the 2 second countdown, the shutter snapped. You can imagine my surprise when I saw what it captured. 

So there it is…

Get out there and try capturing some interesting candid photos, and who knows… you might be blessed with a happy accident too!

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