Captivating California Landscapes

Captivating California Landscapes

A Visual Journey through the Diverse Natural Beauty of California Landscapes

Lately, Susan and I have covered a lot of territory, enjoying time with friends, celebrating birthdays and graduations, and a getaway or two of our own. In all of this running around, I’ve driven nearly a thousand miles, mostly all in California. For this post, I wanted to feature some of the photos I’ve taken that highlight the diversity of California Landscapes. From the ocean to the mountains, and the deserts in between, it takes only a couple of hours to arrive at a place that feels a world away. 

Idyllwild: Majestic Mountains and Tranquil Serenity

The beauty of the San Jacinto mountains that surround Idyllwild are awe-inspiring. Only little over 2 hours from San Diego, it’s an easy weekend getaway, and an amazing place to enjoy the great outdoors! This quaint little mountain town has tons of character and a strong artistic influence. Since I was last here, mural artists have been hard at work. 

Coastal Charms: Oceanside, Cambria, and Morro Bay

Of all the variety in California Landscapes, it’s the coast that has the strongest pull on me. There are few places I’d rather be. Crashing waves, dramatic cliffs, and pristine beaches create a mesmerizing backdrop for whatever you’re doing. Here’s a selection of photos from recent adventures. 

The Desert Wonders of Anza Borrego

I make a point to get out to the desert at least a couple of times a year. It’s the area I have the least experience with, and I’m always amazed at the unique beauty and tranquility that the desert offers. The golden hours (AM and PM) are often so quiet, all you can hear is your own heartbeat. At those hours of the day where the angle of light is low, sand dunes take on a whole new character. The patterns remind me of a zebra. 

California Wine Country

California Landscapes must always include wine country!

No exposition of California Landscapes would be complete without mentioning wine country. The rolling hills and vineyards of Napa and Lodi are stunningly beautiful, and if you enjoy wine, you already have more than one reason to visit! We are blessed with friends who live in Lodi, including award winning wine markers. Recently, we got to see a new property that’s been planted with hundreds of thousands of new vines. As a photographer, it was a great opportunity to photograph the place as it was, and what it is changing into. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of our recent exploits! I’ve only scratched the surface of California Landscapes in this post, but it’s something I’m committed to working on continually, and for as long as I can hold a camera. 

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  1. Steve! Your pictures are just stunning! I’m especially loving the driftwood on the beach, the ripples in the sand and the stunning skies in the wine country pictures! Your words are delicious too! Thank you for the visual journey!

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