Killarney Forests & Castles

Killarney Forests & Castles

We arrived in Killarney early enough to get checked into our hotel and take off for a bit of exploring before sunset - enough time to see Torc Waterfall in the Killarney National Forest and Ross Castle on Lough Leane, the largest of three lakes in the area.

Driving Shoes Off – Hiking Shoes On

As thankful as I was to arrive at our hotel and be done with the day’s driving, we opted to do just a bit more to enjoy the remaining hours of sunlight. 

We got checked into our room and headed a short way down the road into Killarney National Forest to do the short hike to Torc Waterfall. Thankfully, the roads in this area were actually wide enough to easy support two-way traffic (in most areas), and there was less rain. We were feeling downright spoiled! 

Our hotel in Killarney - the Killarney Royal

Pub Time!

With all of our driving and exploring done for the day, it was time to find some food, live music and of course Irish Beer & Whiskey! Guinness is delicious and a no-brainer in Ireland – but in Killarney, we were crazy about Killarney Blonde Ale and Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey. 

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