Pacific Northwest Beauty

Pacific Northwest Beauty

On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, I had a chance to do one of my favorite things - photo strolling. It's like a treasure hunt, you never know what you're going to find. Sometimes, it's just a great day out in the fresh air, but sometimes...

Rainbows appear out of nowhere

Susan and I share this ongoing joke: whenever I venture out without my camera, something incredible is bound to unfold. Surprisingly, this scenario has played out numerous times.

For this reason, I almost always have a full-size camera with me. You just never know what you’ll run into. On this particular day, I was very happy to have gone out for a photo stroll in the rain. 

With limited time on my hands, I opted to walk down to Marina Beach Park in Edmonds, Washington. The day had seen sporadic rain, so I was mentally prepared for a damp adventure with low expectations. As the conditions started to change, I had the feeling that a rainbow might show up. Minutes later, as if from a light switch, a rainbow materialized. The scene lasted only minutes, but I was ready for once and captured every minute of it. As the heavier rains overhead shut down the spectacle, I headed off in the other direction to see what else I might find.

The Pacific Northwest has endless beauty to explore, and we also enjoyed some tranquil, beautiful moments on the Centennial Trail too. 

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