The Ring of Dingle

The Ring of Dingle

On the second day of our adventure through "The Rings," we set out to explore the Ring of Dingle. This 30-mile loop, though shorter than the Ring of Kerry, still demanded a full day of exploration. The Dingle Peninsula is full of stunning landscapes and charming villages.

Our first stop was catching Inch Beach at low tide. The tidal swing is so big here that there is a sign in the parking lot reminding everyone to get their cars out of the lot before a high tide! 

We stopped at several scenic pullouts, just to enjoy the amazing view, and found a petting zoo set among an ancient settlement that’s almost entirely grown over. 

The tip of Dingle Peninsula, with the view of the Blasket Islands is an absolutely stunning area! The beaches have clear emerald water, and the coast is dramatic and rugged. Near the Blasket visitor center, there was a trail system that provided coastal access, so we did some beach combing too near the remains of an ancient port. 

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